Opening day is Saturday, November 18, 2023.

We offer a few different beautiful trees to choose from:

Fraser Fir: Retain their needles well and are soft to the touch. Personally, our first choice! They have a nice pine scent.

Blue Spruce: Nice sturdy branches for heavy ornaments but have sharp needles. The sharp needles may help prevent animal contact. 

Concolor Fir: Beautiful and have soft needles, but the branches won't support heavy ornaments. They have a soft citrus scent.

The taller trees will sell out quickly, so come early for the best selection!

Thanks again,
Mr. G
Middle Road Christmas Tree Farm

Pre-cut Trees
 $25 and up
We provide saws!
Cash or check only please
All sizes U-Cut Trees 
$58 - Spruce
$68 - Firs
Middle Road Tree Farm

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