Opening day is Saturday, November 19, 2022. We have some beautiful trees:

Fraser Fir to 12 feet. Frasers retain their needles and are soft to the touch. Our first choice! Nice pine scent.

Blue Spruce to 12 feet. They have nice sturdy branches for heavy ornaments, but have sharp needles. The sharp needles may help keep pets away from tree!

Concolor Fir to 8 feet. These have beautiful, soft needles, but the branches won't support heavy ornaments. Soft citrus scent.

The taller trees will sell out quickly, so come early for the best selection!

Thanks again,
Mr. G
Middle Road Christmas Tree Farm

Pre-cut Trees
 $25 to $195
We provide saws!
Cash or check only please
All sizes U-Cut Trees 
$58 - Spruce
$68 - Firs