Trees This Season

On the Christmas Tree Farm 2016 

This year we will open on Saturday, November 19.  We have just counted our perfect trees and they include:

Fraser Fir ~to 12 feet
Blue Spruce      ~to 9 feet
Concolor   ~to 9 feet

The really tall trees move fast, so shopping early provides you the best opportunity to get the best tree.  We have received our shipment from Northern Michigan and have set up our Pre-cut display.  

For 2016, we have a beautiful selection of Concolor Fir & Blue Spruce Trees that are 7 to 8 feet tall with a limited selection up to 10 feet.  The Fraser Firs are in various fields and we have them from 6 to 10 feet tall.  If you desire a 12 to 15 foot Frasier Fir, please ask and we’ll direct you to the back field where there are only a few remaining.  The areas designated as Douglas, Balsam and other firs range in size from 8 to 10 feet and are generally huge.  At $48 they are all a bargain.

We will also stock the lot with Fraser Firs to meet the needs of those who need a good tree at a good price.  For the less adventurous, we will have these precut trees from Up North at $8 a foot, up to 8 feet.  We will have a limited number of tall trees which will be priced individually. Come early for the best selection! 

Mr. G
“Santa’s Helper”